How does the Redeemer Network accomplish this vision to equip and resource our churches to be healthy, growing, church-planting churches? We will do this through focusing on three primary areas: church health, church planting, and funding.


Churches will not plant churches if they are not healthy and growing themselves. We are committed to strengthening and establishing our churches by providing the following.
  • Relational Support to our Pastors and Planters.
    • yearly pastors retreat every January

    • regional events every Fall and Spring

  • Care and Coaching
    • regular coaching for lead pastors

    • intentional connection and collaboration with other church leaders

  • Yearly "Church Health Assessments" for every church
    • every January our churches have the opportunity for assessment. The assessment measures the strengths and identifies areas for focused growth over the next year.   
  • "Church Health" Training Cohorts
    • opportunity to participate in three "Healthy Church Cohorts" designed to strengthen leaders/churches in areas of weakness every year. These cohorts are led by different leaders, pastors, and practitioners within Redeemer Network. We want to deploy the strengths of our leaders to serve the needs of our network.


Effective church planting residencies are critical to planting healthy churches. Many churches desire to be "church-planting churches" but lack the resources or opportunity to do so. Redeemer Network helps our churches become church-planting churches by offering a church planting residency that consists of:
  • Two-Year Local Church Immersion
    • Our residency are about immersion in a church planting environment. The local church will play a large role in developing the character and testing the calling of the planter. The local church will be responsible for developing the resident into a qualified elder/pastor.


  • Collaborative Training Cohorts
    • We seek to "cross train" our residents using eight training cohorts over the two year residency that develops biblical paradigms for church planting and covers a variety of skills/competencies needed to plant a church. Residents will get the opportunity to be trained by the most skilled leader, pastors, and practitioners in our network. Redeemer Network is responsible for developing the resident into a capable and ready planter


Church planters need financial resources to plant healthy churches. We ask all of our Redeemer Network churches to give 4% of their annual budget to Redeemer Network. Each year 30% of our annual budget is given toward strengthening and resourcing our existing churches and 70% is given directly to fund our church planters and residents. Our commitment to collaborative funding provides the following:
  • Significant funding for church planters

  • Partial-full funding for church-planting residents

  • Coaching, training, and resourcing for our existing churches

  • Yearly Redeemer Network Events


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